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FBCkids! Olympics!!

5/13/2014 by Morgan Middleton
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FBC Olympics [uh-lim-pik} - fun, exciting and challenging events that are meant to foster cooperation and friendship between the kid's with lots of spirit and energy while celebrating the victory of great achievements. 

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y was the athem of Friday night. At Kid's Night Out, this past Friday night, FBCkids! loaded buses and headed to the "olympics." FBCkids! were divided up into four teams and competed for gold, silver and bronze metals. As as soon feet touched the turf, the kid's traveled together in their color teams with their color team counselors. Each child competed in two different events with their color team cheering them on! The events the kids competed in were a softball throw, frisbee throw, baton relay race, full loop run, half loop run, water balloon toss and a game of twister. Our FBCkids! were awesome! They did such a good job and set records! At the end we had an award ceremony and presented the teams with spirit sticks. 

In our games each person had an end goal. Everyone's goal was the same- victory, to win their event. In our devotional that night, we also learned that Paul teaches Christians-  those who believe in Jesus have been given an end goal. Our end goal is heaven. One day we will spend eternity with Jesus in heaven. Each day we make great effort to be like Jesus in the way we treat our friends, talk to our parents and act at school. We learned that Jesus loves us so much that He paid a great price for us and wants us to live with Him in heaven. We learned that God values us and we get to experience life with Jesus each day. Our color team counlesors helped lay a Godly foundation and demonstrate Christ's love in event competitions, unique circumstances and during all accomplishments. 

We love our FBCkids!

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