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on a ROLL!

4/30/2014 by Morgan Middleton
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Yes! Our 3rd and 4th grade Girl's in Action class is on a roll and they are loving what they are doing. The goal of Girl's in Action is to educate and equip young girls in missions in a fun, exciting way. We at First Baptist want to instill in our girls that the harvest is large but the workers are few. We teach that a worker does not mean you have to join the mission board, move across seas but simply pray and stay relevant. One day God could call you to various mission areas but right now as the girls are young they can enjoy life with our fellow people across the world by learning about their culture and lifestyle. 

We have wonderful teachers at First Baptist who love teaching about cities and countries all over the world that need to know Jesus. The more the girls learn about other countries, they see how BIG God really is and how BIG God's love stretches. The last couple of weeks the girls have learned how to tell the story of Easter. It's similar to simple math. Sometimes we do not understand how we go the answer we did.. but it's right. That's our GOD! Amie White explained the events that led to the cross and the resurrection of Christ. The girls sorted different colored jelly jeans and then packaged the colors with symbolic meaning and purpose with a piece of paper that explained the gospel and l.o.v.e. of christ. We are proud of our girls for their dedication and effort in spreading the love of Christ. We SO believe in them! 

Amie White is our 3rd and 4th grade Girl's in Action teacher on Wednesday's night. Every Wednesday night she takes the girls on a adventure. No, they do not leave their classroom but they certainly learn and engage a new environment and lifestyle. Previously, the girls were introduced to Antandroy in Madagascar. Like you, they could not spell the word, must less pronounce the word but they grew to LOVE this group of people they had never met. How's that? Because there is a void in the country. The void is Jesus. The population in Madagascar is 194,000+ with only 20% of claiming to be Christian. The environment they live in is very inhospital and hostile. It is a very dry country and has lots of thorns. Rough, rough conditions!! Our girls understand that life in America is completely different than life in Madagascar. The biblical lesson that was taught, teaches our girls to pray for the people in Madagascar and for the hope of Jesus to become available. Madagascar needs love and compassion. It is a very unreached community in Africa.

So the LORD must wait for you to come to him so he can show you his love and compassion. For the LORD is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for his help.” Isaiah 30:18.

Girl's in Action is a fun discipleship organization that allows girls to pray and learn about people all over the world. FBC girls love having a great time on Wednesday nights. Our girls make great friends and have fun learning lots! Our prayer for our GA's at FBC is that as they grow older - they stay in tune with the need in the world and the hope of Christ that has changed their lives. The battle is great but we pray they stand TALL!! 

The sweet faces at the top..sparkle! We believe God will use them in mighty, mighty ways!!

You go, girls!!!

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